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a diary of death and windows

25th January, 2016. 1:46 pm. Time flies... until it stops

New project: http://seereflection.blogspot.com

Hopefully the history of this blog will vanish, aside from some of the sentimental things. Hindsight is chaos! But that's ok.

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15th October, 2010. 1:24 pm. there's hope - SF


Planners look at new rules for 'bird-safe' buildings in San Francisco

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I'm so full of optimism, reading that post. Then, the comments. Not so much.

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30th September, 2010. 9:59 am. houston warblers

Window strikes
Wed Sep 29 17:45:43 2010
From: m_lndsy/////////SBCGLOBAL

Monday of this week I was working at Perry's Restaurant in the Woodlands and
came upon a female Common Yellowthroat setting at the base of a window. The
bird was setting up, so I captured it and it perched right up on my finger.
I took it to a nearby oak tree and coaxed it up on to a limb. I checked it
before I left and it was tucked up in full rousting position, so I think it
will survive.
Today I found an decimated Nashville Warbler at the base of a window in the
Clear Lake area. I was surprised it had laid there that long without anyone
disposing of it.
I have a window cleaning business and it is not uncommon to find birds that
have hit windows (most are doves), but warblers are not common at all..so to
see two in one week is exceptional..and of course it's always nice to find


'survived strike' usually just means death elsewhere later =(

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27th February, 2010. 11:35 am. PSA

Get Ready: The Birds are Coming! The Birds are Coming!

SPECIAL OFFER: From March 1, 2010 through April 30, 2010, while supplies last, the Wisconsin Humane Society’s “WIngs” program will once again be distributing FREE WindowAlerts (8 WindowAlerts per request) with NO CHARGE for shipping and handling, to help you protect birds from collisions with windows at your home or office this spring. For more information about protecting birds from collisions with windows and to find out how to request your free WindowAlerts, visit the WIngs web site at www.wihumane.org/wildlife/wings/default.aspx.

This offer is made possible by a grant from the Jeff Rusinow Family Foundation.
(Note: For requests for free WindowAlerts received prior to March 1st, and after April 30th, our standard $2.50 shipping and handling charge will apply).


obviously this is rather close to my heart, so get that link ready for clicking on March 1!
xposted - pass it on!

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17th February, 2010. 8:12 pm. posted too soon...


...and their first waxwing of the season was a window strike. le sigh.

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17th February, 2010. 8:09 pm. red-shouldered hawk, oh my

so i'm perusing my new favorite blog in the UNIVERSE (it's a Houston rehab group, started by the woman who patiently took in a dozen mourning doves, a cormorant, and a kestrel from me...) and here's a nice little post about the sadness of winter - http://wrande.org/2010/01/winters-injuries/

[things and stuff and emaciation and young birds and so sad and so weak and...] Three Red-shouldered Hawks have improved enough that they have been moved to a large flight cage for flight conditioning. One of these is the hawks has already appeared in this blog, it was the one that shattered an apartment window and had his neck and esophagus stitched.


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18th December, 2009. 9:33 pm. kookaburras are not immune

let it be known that kookaburras will hit windows that are maybe a square foot or so... in an office.

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14th October, 2009. 6:36 pm. the collision collection


read. absorb. spread! finally, a collection of collision issues garnering attention instead of fighting obscure battles - it's all dead birds in the end.

links won't work, but here 'tis

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5th October, 2009. 1:12 pm. birdstrike canada


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5th October, 2009. 12:08 pm. a Scott Hilburn cartoon


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