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houston warblers

Window strikes
Wed Sep 29 17:45:43 2010
From: m_lndsy/////////SBCGLOBAL

Monday of this week I was working at Perry's Restaurant in the Woodlands and
came upon a female Common Yellowthroat setting at the base of a window. The
bird was setting up, so I captured it and it perched right up on my finger.
I took it to a nearby oak tree and coaxed it up on to a limb. I checked it
before I left and it was tucked up in full rousting position, so I think it
will survive.
Today I found an decimated Nashville Warbler at the base of a window in the
Clear Lake area. I was surprised it had laid there that long without anyone
disposing of it.
I have a window cleaning business and it is not uncommon to find birds that
have hit windows (most are doves), but warblers are not common at to
see two in one week is exceptional..and of course it's always nice to find


'survived strike' usually just means death elsewhere later =(
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